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I’ve just realised

Tokio Morishima in FSR has a silver eye in his left socket

Mondo Zappa’s left eye turns silver when he turns into Ulti-Mondo


does Mondo have a Silver Eye

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This time, we take a look at some unused rooms from part two of Sunset!

Map 140 00 shares its basic layout and appearance with the ‘main’ rooms found on each floor of the KAKU Building, but, intriguingly, it’s its own separate room. In the final version, each floor is one giant area. BUT that’s not the most interesting thing!

Up against the back wall are three objects: a “Map”, a “Control Panel” and a “TV”. The Control Panel is used in the final version for one of the puzzles (Coyote has to unlock it), but the other two are unique.

See what I mean? The design of the TV is utterly unlike anything in the final version. The shape is completely different and the translucent texture in the middle isn’t used anywhere in regular gameplay. It looks like something out of Flower, Sun and Rain, almost. AND it actually works! You can process blood, switch/awaken personas as normal, although the tv menu screen is the normal one used in the final game.


Hey presto! The animation even works without any problems.

As for the “Map”… I have no idea. I haven’t managed to translated the text here, but considering it shows up in one of the test maps at the end of each disc, it’s probably some kind of debug/placeholder text. I’m presuming that blank grey texture on the table was meant to be the “Map”. Perhaps instead of uncovering the map for each area as you went, you were originally supposed to find map items hidden in each stage?

And now for a lot of small and - I have to admit - rather similar unused rooms. These all appear to be early versions of the rooms which contain the gambling puzzles. There’s actually quite a few of them, so I’ll just feature the more interesting ones.

140 01 - A small room containing the “Sister Storm” poster and the dice bowl puzzle. In the final version the poster is in the big room and the dice bowl is in another section.

142 00 - This is similar to the ‘main room’ layout also featured in 140 00. In the final version, this has Yoon-Hyun standing where the Carrier Pigeon. The Pigeon locks up the game if you try to view the message, however. The poker poster is there, but it’s a completely different design. Perhaps they felt this one was a bit too obtuse?

145 00 has another of the unused TVs! It works fine, like the one in 140 00. There aren’t any puzzles in here or anything else, so… I’m not sure what this is meant to be. I’m guessing these TVs were only really used for playtesting purposes, in case the developers needed to change to Garcian quickly for any reason and they weren’t near a Harman’s Room. Or maybe TVs weren’t originally meant to be confined to Harman’s Rooms? Perhaps you’d find this variety of TV in the outside world, while the other TV would be limited solely toHarman’s Room. But then again, that would make most Harman’s Rooms pretty pointless apart from saving or talking to Iwazaru. It’s much more likely that they were used for general testing purposes.

145 01 - Interesting! A roulette table and a wheel, neither of which appear in the final version. Looks like this puzzle was completely scrapped altogether.

146 00 - This has the ‘beer cards’ puzzle, as well as a Carrier Pigeon (again, it’ll lock up your game). I kinda prefer these small rooms actually - they’re kinda snug.

The other 14X XX rooms are basically just variations on these rooms; some feature puzzles moved elsewhere in the final version, while others just have carrier pigeons. They’re all, however, their own little distinctly separate rooms, which is completely different from the final version. I’m guessing the developers felt it was just easier and less annoying to make each floor its own single giant map.

Oh, and hey - looks like there’s another unused room in Angel! Map 774 04 is… a blank room.

…Yeah. Exciting stuff.

More screenshots soon!

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more silly things


Okay, so when I said there weren’t any maps from Angel in Test Scenario, turns out I was completely wrong. Turns out they’re actually in the 77X XX range on Disc 1, so go and take a look!

Anyway, there’s only one unused map from Angel as far as I can tell, and that’s map 773 03.

Oh hey, it’s Travis! Wonder if he says anything cool?

…Nope. Looks like he has no text associated with this scene, sadly. He does, however, have an unused t-shirt!

He also looks uncharacteristically pissed off, for some reason. In the final version he’s always smiling (with one exception in Smile Part Two).

Going down the middle of the room we find some kind of darts machine!

And no, the “Darts” option doesn’t work. The “Carrior Pegeon” (seriously, what) option DOES work, however! In fact, without exception, “Carrier Pigeon” options always work, unlike most ‘events’ in Test Scenario mode. Most of the Pigeons in the unused maps will play the animation, but will lock up once the screen transition effect plays (it’ll just go to the red static and not do anything else, forcing you to reset).

I like how it has its own little hole in the ceiling to come through.

Surprisingly, It even has an actual message to deliver! Seems this was where you were originally meant to find the “Rusholm Ruffians” note, which is found in the Celtic Building library in the final version.

Another look at the “Darts” option. Why it needs its own little booth, I have no idea. There’s also some more of these on the right-hand wall of the room.

A view of the room in its entirety, showing the extra Darts machines along the wall.

Going through the only door in this room will bring you to the 3F Hall, outside the door that normally leads to the toilets in the final version.

More screenshots and unused rooms coming soon!


This time, we’re having a look at the Dominican Republic!


Accessing map 414 00 starts you off at the top of a flight of stairs in an untextured area, next to a gate. Leaving by this gate brings you to the area early on where Travis is leaning against some barrels, so maybe that was where the entrance to this place was originally meant to be.


Going down the stairs and around the corner reveals… a red door?


You can walk through this without a care.

By the arch shape of the ‘door’, I’m guessing this is a placeholder texture for actual doors or destructible walls, which they never got round to doing before the room was scrapped.


On the other side you’ll find a dead end (that gate doesn’t go anywhere) and a mysterious reddy-purple humanoid figure.


I honestly have no idea what these things could have originally been used for. They show up in several test maps, all have the exact same model, and can’t be interacted with.


(screenshot taken by sal4)

Paradise Hotel 51 forum-goer sal4 had a look at the stage data for room  510 00, which features another of these strange figures, in 3DS Max. Turns out they’re extremely low-poly models, which suggests they were used for very early testing purposes - possibly in order to test how the personas would look relative to the environment?


One (very) tenuous possibility is that these were intended to be placeholders for Heaven Smiles. During development it appears that Smiles would have come in two main varieties: the versions that appear in the final game, and a variety which basically looks like a slightly distorted human.

The ‘walking’ pose these models all share does, however, closely resemble some of the models used in early screenshots. This one is from the scrapped ‘Bank’ level (featuring another early Heaven Smile model) - note the greyed-out human figures in the background, stuck in a very similar walking position.

Perhaps - and I’m going out on a limb here - these low-poly models were meant to denote ‘human’ Smiles? Maybe originally in some levels there would have been human beings who might have been Heaven Smiles in disguise, and Scanning would have been the only way to tell if they were. And if you didn’t in time, then they’d leap you and attack you or blow up in your face. This is still just one far-fetched theory, though.

For more info on the early-development Heaven Smiles, check out Unseen64’s article at


Loading up mpa 418 00 starts you in a black screen, with some kind of vague white blob far, far off in the background. Using a camera hack (and a lot patience) you can zoom in on this structure to reveal… a rather large, completely untextured map. I don’t recognise this having any similarity to any map in Alter Ego, but the layout and map number definitely indicates it was meant to be in the Dominican Republic.


440 00 is another unused outdoor street area - and it has another of the mysterious humanoid figures! And an odd red ‘button’ which shares the same shading as the humanoid model. You can’t interact with either of them.

More screenshots soon!

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